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when you forget theres homework due tomorrowimage

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From the Columbus Blue Jackets snapchat


From the Columbus Blue Jackets snapchat

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Bitch I’m on my swag

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We go forward.

This is too deep to comprehend.

Stop it

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I had this dream, for like a day, when I was younger that I wanted to open a shop that sold only cheese. Now I work at a deli and I realize that’s basically what that is.

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I like the way thoughts come out when you’re just trying to look busy.

"Writing something that is entirely necessary for the sake of looking completely busy is what I am doing. So now, I fully intend to keep doing something along these lines until, oh, I don’t know, lunchtime? Lunch could very easily be in 10, 15, 20 minutes. Jen’s hair looks awesome, I really like Julia, I really miss Kelsey, and this hot chocolate is more like scald chocolate.

Where I go for lunch today is entirely dependent on where I go for lunch today. If it isn’t where it is, then it isn’t, but it will probably just be another soft pretzel and cheeseburger from the terminal. I just can’t think of anywhere else to go!

I’m pretty interested to see the dynamic of Tony and Eric in a real living situation. I’m fairly excited to keep my mouth shut for as long as possible in that room (but we all know how long that’s going to last), and I don’t really know how I’m going to like it. I have seriously no idea.” 

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